Sandee's Tableware Creations

All available in your own custom colors and themes

Beauty with durability in mind.

T01: Blue Ice

T02: Gentle Leaves

T03: Bird of Paradise

T04: Flower Patch

T05: Delicate Pink

T06: Sweet Yellows

T07: Apple Spice

T08: Rose Swirl

T09: Love Roses

T10: Bright & Sunny

T11: Poppy Days

T12: French Country

T13: Singing Away

T14: Red Ribbons

T15: Cherry Apples

T16: Rooster Days

T17: Red Velvet

T18: Blue Heaven

T19: In the Pink

T20B: Ceramic Watering Can

T20P: Ceramic Watering Can

T21: Planter

T22: Fruit Line

T23: Ceramic Flower Container

T24: Elegant Rose

T25: Cherry Collection

T26: Sunflower

T27: A Gift of Love

T28: Lavendar Breeze

T29: Butterfly Collection

T30: Heart Felt

T31: Little Rooster

T32: Bird of Paradise

T33: Spinning World

T34: Potted Roses


T35: In the Pink Collection

T36: My Garden

T37: Pink Greens


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Impressionist Art by Sandee Carlson

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